Project Management

At TriNRG we deliver the right strategy for a project dependent on a detailed design and planning at all stages.
Strict controls maintained throughout the lifespan of the project will ensure challenges are effectively addressed to meet our clients’ objectives.

TriNRG approach to Project Management reduces risk and allows the project to be delivered in a consistent and improved manner.

Key Services

  • Site Management
  • Quality Management QA / QC
  • Site Supervisors
  • ITP
  • Defects Management
  • Project Handover

Quality Management

At TriNRG, we implement a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) designed to provide structure and clarity across our workplace. Our QMS ensures that every process and operation run efficiently, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. By adhering to ISO standards, we guarantee that our products and services meet the highest quality benchmarks. This commitment to quality not only enhances customer satisfaction but also drives our mission to deliver excellence in all aspects of our business.

Quality Management

  • Empower your journey towards sustainability with our Renewable
  • Energy Consultancy and Installation services. Our seasoned experts offer tailored guidance, conducting thorough assessments to identify the most effective renewable solutions for your needs.
  • Energy is one of the biggest operational costs for businesses. TriNRG’
  • Energy Management service is comprehensive and helps you to reduce costs and energy consumption.
  • We will provide technical advice on energy efficiency measures and protect the environment.
  • Identifying areas of energy waste can reduce costs. As part of our service, energy monitoring can help to reduce energy in your home and business.
  • Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities:
  • Organisation, operations, technology, digital, and sustainability across a variety of services.
  • We bring expertise and knowledge.
  • Make your operations more sustainable and environmentally efficient by addressing key risk management issues